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Solar Screening FRISCO

Solar Screening: A Beginner’s Guide for Solar Screening Frisco

Solar screening Frisco (Superior Solar Screening, LLC) offers a great solution for homes in the Frisco Texas area.

There are several advantages to exterior solar screens. Two of the most popular are:

  1. They afford better HEAT protection – usually in the 80% range, while interior shades fall anywhere from 30-50%
  2. They are, quite obviously, invisible from the inside, meaning they do not change the decor of your home

Solar Screening Frisco

When done correctly, exterior solar screens are the ultimate in shading. Some solar screening companies use interior materials, or home-made systems on the outside, and they will not hold up.

When considering an exterior solar screen make sure to evaluate an engineered unit designed specifically for the outside.

Exterior solar screens do a much better job than interior solutions.

Besides the UV protection, most people think of blocking glare when it comes to solar screens. Can’t see your flatscreen TV or computer? Solar shades can eliminate the glare.

White solar screens- or lighter color solar screens- reflect light, and so they do not cut the glare nearly as well as darker, or blacker screen materials.

Whichever system or type of solar screen you select, it will be as fantastic looking as it will be functional and energy efficient. There are countless applications!

Solar Screening Reduces Utility Costs – Solar Screening Frisco

Lowering utility costs are one of the great benefits of installing solar screens in Frisco. Windows are the number-one source of heat gain in the summer months and they are responsible for as much as 48% of the cooling costs of your home. You can prevent this heat gain in your house. All that you need to do is shade the sun before it heats the glass. Many people use interior blinds, drapes, and window film to block the sun after it has penetrated and heated the window glass. This is too late. The heat is already free to radiate into the home. But by using exterior solar screens you can block up to 90% of the sun’s energy before it heats your windows and this can dramatically reduce the heat in your home and the load on your air conditioner. Big Bonus, solar screens look good! Plus, they don’t block the view and they let indirect light in to illuminate your home.

It is hard to go wrong by checking into quality external solar screening. Call us at 972-836-4759 for a FREE ESTIMATE. You are under no obligation. And you just might be surprised at how little the solar screens cost. In fact, you will probably save enough in energy costs over just two years to completely pay for the new screens.

Solar Screening Blocks UV Rays

The wonderful sunny days that we get to experience here in Frisco Texas can actually be a two-edged sword.

Though we get to play golf and experience other outdoor activities practically year-round, our friend the sun can also cause havoc on the interiors of our homes. But we have a way to minimize that damage.

Solar Screens!

Unlike conventional shades, solar screens allow the light to filter through but they help keep the harmful UVA rays OUT.

Many people are not aware of the damage that the sun can cause to our home interiors. A lot of people do not realize that the sun can fade furnishings in the home as well as wallpaper, flooring and paint. Virtually any item that is in a room that is exposed to the sun’s rays through a window can suffer. The fading that occurs from the harmful rays of the sun can leave your items looking much older and much more worn then they are.

Using conventional shades and drapes as window treatments can help. But you really need something that will filter out the harmful UVA rays completely. The conventional treatments will slow the process but not prevent your stuff from being ruined by the sun’s rays.

In this area of the country, you definitely need to use Solar Screens. Our Solar Screens are perfect for helping you keep your home in better shape, as well as reducing the depressive heat that can accumulate in a house.

Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. You are under no obligation. One of our technicians will gladly come by your house at a convenient time and do a free assessment, then provide you with an estimate of the cost. You will find that the total costs of installing solar screens can be recouped in just a short time.

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Your Frisco solar screens are very important to us. My name is John and I am the owner of the best solar screens company serving Frisco. I take personal care of all of our customers and I welcome any and all comments and questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

What makes solar screens so effective?

Since the screen is installed on the outside of the window it keeps 90% of the suns UV rays from reaching the window and heating it up, which keeps the heat from transmitting into your home or office.

What should be the pay back period from utility savings after installation?

Typically two or three years. A University of Texas study predicts 32% savings for an average home.

How do solar screens compare to window tinting?

Tinting filters the light and UV rays while solar screens reduce the volume of UV rays and heat transmitted into your home or office. Solar screens are five to eight time more effective then window tinting, and 20% to 50% lower in cost.

How dark will the solar screens make the inside of my home?

The brightness level is about the same as if your blinds are halfway open.
Since the solar screens give you privacy you can leave your blinds completely open and the actual net effect is more soft light in your home.

Why do I need solar screens if I have blinds, shutters, drapes, etc…?

Because all window dressing are inside your home which allows the UV rays and heat to still enter. Solar screens will also help maintain the new look of your window dressings stopping the fading and sun rot.

If I have storm windows or energy efficient windows are solar screens effective?

Yes, solar screens will still provide a substantial energy savings, especially in Texas where radiant energy effects dominate thermal effects.

What is the difference between 80% vs. 90%?

The weave is not as tight on the 80% solar screens as it is on the 90%. The 80% screen lets in more soft light, while the 90% gives more privacy. You can put 80% on some windows and 90% on others, or do all your windows in 80% or 90%.

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